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Books on Black Cumin
The Healing Power of Black Cumin
The Healing Power of Black Cumin
A Handbook on Oriental Black Cumin Oils

Sylvia Luetjohann

The Medicine of the Prophet. A Handbook on Oriental Black Cumin Oils, their healing components and special recipes. The book provides special attention to the use of this healing substance for treating allergies, enhancing the immune system and other time-tested uses for health and beauty.


The Three Great Healing Herbs
The Three Great Healing Herbs
Tea Tree, St. Johns Wort, and Black Cumin

Monika Junemann and Sylvia Luetjohann

These herbs belong in everyone's herbal first aid kit. Between them they have potent anti-bacterial, anti-mycotic and anti-viral properties. They have uses both internal and external. This book describes their benefits, properties and appropriate uses.



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